Advertise or partner with DSC

If you provide services to charities DSC can offer you excellent exposure.

Reach 30,000 charity professionals

Up to 10,000 different charities purchase from us each year. Our wider networks including social media, electronic, and print mean you can reach over 30,000 charity professionals with your services. You also benefit from the association with the long-standing and well-respected DSC brand.

Promotional opportunities start from £367

DSC e-news is distributed to 30,000 charity professionals each month. Talk to us today about featuring your advertorial or content piece in a prime slot.

Or consider a wider partnership with DSC

We’ll sit down with you to really understand what it is you’re trying to achieve and who you need to reach. We’ll then tailor a package that might involve exposure via DSC e-news, our social media accounts, a prime slot on our website, exhibition space and presenting of workshops at our events, inserts in our postal mailpack, promotion around our training rooms or at our annual awards…

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