People’s Health Trust – Communications and Branding - Post-Course Material


We hope your People’s Health Trust – Communications and Branding training, proved enjoyable and productive.

Please find below your post-course material (To download the materials, please right-click on the links and choose “Open link in new tab”):

Handout 1: 1- Communications and Branding_DSC_April 2024

Handout 2: 2 – DNA Six_Social Media Business Communications Model

Handout 3: 3 – DNA_Six_Social Media Assessment

Handout 4: 4 – DNA_Six_Social Media Marketing Strategy (1)

Handout 5: 5 – DNA_Six_Social Media Marketing Strategy

Handout 6: 6 – DNA_Six_Social Media Network and Messaging Planner

Handout 7: 7 – HO_Simple Customer Profile Exercise

Handout 8: 8 – Marketing_Quick and Dirty Planning_template

Handout 9: 9 – Red Ochre_Developed marketing communications plan

Handout 10: 10 – Red Ochre_Simplified marketing communcations plan


Thank you for attending a the training course, please remember to give us your feedback (the link is in the post-course email).

Thank you and we hope to see you again soon

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People’s Health Trust is a charity addressing health inequalities in England, Scotland and Wales. We work to ensure that where you live does not unfairly reduce the length of your life, or the quality of your health. Visit our website here.