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#CharityFacts - Armed Forces Charities

What is the purpose of the research? 

There are several misconceptions about the charity sector, including about armed forces charities. As a charity ourselves, we at the Directory of Social Change (DSC) believe that it is essential to know the facts.

This research brings together a collection of #CharityFacts focusing on armed forces charities. It aims to provide a short, accessible and easily sharable set of facts about armed forces charities.

What did we find?

We looked at the evidence on armed forces charities – using high quality administrative data and the data behind our interactive database – and found the following #CharityFacts:

  • #1: Armed forces charities pay their employees wisely.
  • #2: Armed forces charities are run and supported by volunteers.
  • #3: Armed forces charities hold some cash to protect against loss of income.
  • #4: Armed forces charities’ income is mostly independent of the government.
  • #5: Armed forces charities do their work with little income.
  • #6: Armed forces charities are diverse.

Who is it for? 

This report provides a body of evidence to inform policy, practice and research. This is a unique resource for charities, the government, policymakers and researchers to understand the facts about armed forces charities.

DSC’s researchers have produced a full-length version of the report that presents each of the #CharityFacts above, alongside background information and methodological details. If you’re pressed for time – or simply want to share this research in a short and accessible format – you can also download the infographic version below.

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