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Charity Fundraising Templates

It’s frustrating when you can’t lay your hands on the right fundraising template at the right moment.

Available to buy from September 2024.

The main aim behind this resource is to gather into one place a wide variety of fundraising templates so that you do not have to spend time building resources and can instead devote that time to developing your own unique fundraising approach.

The templates are contained in an Excel workbook and Word file, and are intended to be adapted and tailored to your organisation and its specific circumstances. There is an introduction, and explanatory notes have been added where appropriate.

What does it cover

This resource contains over 80 downloadable templates together with an introductory document and explanatory notes designed to help you plan, implement and monitor your fundraising. The templates range from those that will help with strategy and budgeting to those that are related to specific income streams.

It’s deliberately low on formatting and design to make adapting them as easy as possible. Entering your own data and adapting the templates to suit your needs should be easy. We hope that these templates help you save time so you can focus on your core activities as fundraiser.

NB: Our standard terms and conditions for digital downloads do not allow changes to our documents, but this product is one of our exceptions. It is expected that these templates will be amended and personalised to suit your organisation.

Who is this book for?

This publication is aimed at both new and experienced fundraisers.

‘There is nothing worse as a fundraiser than staring at a blank sheet of paper and not knowing where to start. This valuable resource is the answer for so many and is an excellent companion to the books in the Fundraising Series by the Directory of Social Change.’

Damian Chapman, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Charity for Civil Servants


‘A superb resource for organisations of all sizes, but particularly smaller ones in all parts of the UK that don’t have access to resources as readily as their larger peers do. Fundraisers outside the London’s third-sector ‘bubble’ often feel excluded from events and training, and this collection of templates will go a long way to ensuring they have access to the tools that can help them be more successful.’

Rachal Minchinton, Business Development Manager, Money Tree Fundraising

About the author

Richard Sved

Richard is Director of 3rd Sector Mission Control. He is an experienced senior manager, having led the fundraising teams at nine national charities including Girlguiding, Epilepsy Society and The National Literacy Trust. Richard specialises in income generation, strategic planning and charity governance.

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