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Speed Read: Age Discrimination

Even if you think you're already doing the right things, this book gives good practice advice for every organisation.

Is your organisation at risk of unwittingly discriminating against older people? How do you know?

Part of the Directory of Social Change’s renowned ‘Speed Read’ library, this guide will help you avoid the expense, lost time and damage to your reputation that an accusation of age discrimination could bring.

Who should buy this book?

A vital and quick read for anyone leading a charity or not-for-profit, as well as departmental managers.

What does it cover?

Get the essentials in one quick and comprehensive guide.

  • The latest legislation that applies to you.
  • How to write an age discrimination policy.
  • How to avoid age discrimination complaints.
  • Creating an age-friendly approach to every aspect of your charity’s work.

Look inside

Have a look inside Speed Read: Age Discrimination.

About the author

Yvonne Perry

Yvonne is an independent management and employment relations expert with an impressive pedigree. She was Policy Specialist and Head of Information and Personnel Advisory Services with the Work Foundation in the 1980s-1990s, and worked for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) for ten years in the 1970s in a variety of roles including Head of the Employee Communication Unit.

Yvonne has been a Non-executive Director and chair of the Staffing Committee for Ethical Investment Research & Information Services Ltd (EIRIS) since 2005. She has also been a Trustee of the Age and Employment Network (Third Age Challenge Trust) since 2008.

She has serviced on several panels including the DTI Partnership Fund Assessment Panel, the NCVO/Quality Standards Task Group Board, the ACEVO Working Group on Charities’ Investment Powers, 2001– 2003 and Director, Job Ownership Research Ltd (now the Employee Ownership Association)

Yvonne has several publications to her name and is author of Age Discrimination and Flexible Working in Directory of Social Change’s Speed Read Series.

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