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Speed Read: Inductions

The success of your organisation depends on your people and how quickly you can get new staff and volunteers up and running happily at full capacity. To achieve this, you need to ensure your new starters understand your organisation and their role within it, and are able to integrate with their new colleagues.

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This book shows you how to design a reliable, structured and repeatable induction process that works for both the new starter and your organisation. It explains what inductions are, why they are important, what makes a good induction, how to plan the process and what types of starter you may need to cater for. There are also tips to help lift your induction standards from good to excellent.

Who should buy this book?

The book is for everyone who has the responsibility for organising and carrying out inductions for employees and volunteers as well as for those on the management team who might have a part to play in the process. It will be of value whether you are a manager, an HR officer, a member of your leadership team or the CEO.

‘A brilliant guide for charities on how to welcome and engage their new starters.’

Amy Flitney, People Policy Manager, Alzheimer’s Society


‘This is an insightful companion for HR practitioners and managers who aspire to craft an exceptional employee and volunteer experience from day one. A treasure trove of top tips, it will help you create memorable inductions that set the stage for lasting success. I wholeheartedly recommend this engaging and personable guide for anyone committed to making every new starter’s journey remarkable.’

Ruth Homer, People Officer, NCVO

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Have a look inside Inductions.

About the author

John Martin

John Martin has been Publisher at the Directory of Social Change since 2005. He has been involved in the publishing industry since 1986 working for an arts magazine, a medical publisher and at BBC Books. In the voluntary sector, John has been a board member of national and local environmental charities and has done a stint as a school governor.



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