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Speed Read: Writing for Work

Whatever your charity role, writing memos, letters, minutes and even weighty reports is likely to be part of what you do.

Speed Read: Writing for Work book cover

Part of DSC’s Speed Read library, this book breaks down writing into less scary, manageable chunks. It shows that you can tackle any document, no matter how important or for whatever audience, by thinking first about structure and then taking it one step at a time.

It features top tips on basic grammar and sentence structure, alongside how you can deal with that always difficult blank first page.

Who should buy this book?

Anyone who has to write as part of their work: from emails and memos, to policy documents and annual reports.

What does it cover?

Get the essentials in one quick and comprehensive guide.

  • The importance of good writing and the difference clarity can make.
  • Different types of writing and how to adopt the appropriate tone.
  • Finding the confidence to get started and making good writing a daily habit.
  • Templates and exercises throughout.

Look inside

Have a look inside Speed Read: Writing for Work.

About the author

Moi Ali

Moi has worked as a public relations and marketing consultant for over two decades and is a well-respected and widely-published author. She runs and is founder of Pink Anglia PR, which specialises in working with small businesses and charities.

Moi’s publications for DSC include DIY Powerful Publicity, Speed Read: Media Relations, Speed Read: Writing for Work and Speed Read: Writing for the Web.

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