Training FAQ

We've put some of the most common questions and answers below to help you before and after booking on to our courses. You can contact us if your question is not listed here.


Am I booked on a course?

After booking online you can expect to receive a booking confirmation email immediately.  For online, phone and email bookings you will receive an email confirmation and an invoice directly from the Customer Services team.  If you have not received any of these emails within 24 hours please contact (Customer services).

When do DSC courses start and end?

If you are attending an in-person course, it is best if you arrive at 09.30 so that we can register you and you get a chance to meet your fellow delegates over refreshments.

All courses start at 10.00 and finish by 16.00.

If you are attending an online live training course via zoom, the course will start at 10.00 and finish by 16.00. You should sign in ready to start at least 5min before the course time, to ensure you have no IT or Wi-Fi issues

Where will my course take place?

Online live training course will take place on zoom, a Wi-Fi connection and laptop with a working microphone and camera will be required to participate.

If your course is taking place in person, the venue address and directions to the venue will be given in your confirmation. Below is a list of locations and venue addresses that DSC uses for our in person training courses.


Address: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ



Address: Directory of Social Change, Suite 103, 1 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9HG



Address: thestudio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP


Is there parking?

For in-person training courses, please visit the venue website to find out details of parking available.

How many people are there on a course?

We strictly limit delegate numbers to ensure each delegate receives the best training possible, but it does vary course to course. The maximum group size ranges from 5 to 20.

Is lunch provided?

For all in-person training courses, refreshments will be provided throughout the day including lunch.

Can I make a request for a specific dietary requirement?

If you have a specific dietary requirement, please notify our team on 020 4526 5995 or by email to with exact details before the course and we will make sure that your needs are catered for.

Can you cater for people with disabilities?

Yes. All venues used for training can accommodate any accessibility required, we can also accommodate any requirements for online training courses too. If you have a particular requirement, for example you would like someone to help you on the day, would like to receive training materials in advance or request large print training materials or if there is anything else please just let us know. You can inform us when you complete your online booking form, when you book by phone or by contacting Customer Services on 020 4526 5995 or

We’ll do our best to make sure that everything is ready for you.

What is the dress code?

There is no dress code for DSC courses. The courses are meant to be fun and relaxing as well as giving you the best training. Most people who attend our courses feel most comfortable in business casual clothing.

Do you provide handouts on your courses?

Trainers may use some for exercises during the course of the day, but if there are handouts and presentations required a link to pre course material will be included in your course confirmation. We will send any post course material to you by email after the course has taken place, which will contain a link to an online evaluation form.

Will I receive a copy of the presentation after the course?

Where there is a presentation we will email it to you after the course, with any other post course material.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes we provide our course delegates with a certificate of attendance for all of our public scheduled courses, both online and in person.

I have questions about the ILM accreditation, what should I do?

We no longer offer ILM accreditation.

What happens if someone needs to contact me while I am on the course?

Customer services can take messages and contact you during your training course so the best number to use for contact is 020 4526 5995 In an emergency the session will be interrupted, otherwise you will be given your message in the break.

Who delivers the training?

All of our courses are delivered by a team of highly qualified, experienced and specialist trainers, both associates and permanent members of staff.   They come from a range of backgrounds all with experience in the third sector. To find out more about a particular trainer or find out who is running a course, please contact us on 020 4526 5995 or by email to

Can any course be booked In-house?

We will happily run any course in our public schedule as an in-house option, either at your premises, or any venue you choose. Check out our In-House Training page here. You can also contact our In-House team for further information at .

How do I know whether the course is suitable for me?

All of our course outlines are available online and at the top of each course page is a ‘Who should sign up?’ section. If you need a helping hand contact us and we would be happy to advise you or liaise with the trainer.

What services can you offer after the training?

There are lots of different things that we can offer you to continue to support your learning after the training and if you aren’t sure what you want, do get in touch to have chat and we can explore some options.

A few things that we often do for people include providing 1:1 support through coaching or mentoring; delivering training in-house for colleagues; suggesting attendance on other public course to further learning; and accessing our books to gain further insights into the topic of interest.

Who attends DSC courses?

Our training attracts a wide variety of charity professionals, volunteers and those new and returning to work in the voluntary sector.  Our training courses, both online and in-person, provide a great opportunity to network and meet others. Those attending your course may be from small, medium or large organisations from all over the UK, and from a wealth of different areas.

Conduct of Behaviour at training and events

DSC is committed to providing a safe space for all, at any of our training, events or DSC services. Participants, trainers, volunteers, staff and sponsors all agree to treat each other in a respectful, courteous and professional manner at all times. Any improper behaviour will not be tolerated, including but not limited to is, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and unwelcome comments.

Anyone who exhibits any unacceptable behaviour, DSC will take any action considered appropriate including immediate expulsion from training or events with no refund and being unable to attend any future training or events.

If you experience any inappropriate behaviour you can report this by:

Learning Online? – Getting prepared

Ok, we’re not in the classroom, but we are still in a learning environment while we attend our online live training course. To ensure that it is a productive learning environment for all, please note the following:

  • A Zoom account will be required, it does not have to be a paid account, and a free account is fine. Please make sure you have signed up and have an account before the session date.
  • It is expected that participants will use both video and audio functions during the training.
  • Having everyone visually and audibly present means we increase the opportunity for sharing, get problem solving peer support and can raise our own questions and concerns.
  • We understand that Wi-Fi can be an issue, if you need to switch your video during the session to reserve band width, please let us know.
  • There will be, as in a normal classroom, opportunity to ask questions, makes comments, share experience
  • In recognition of Zoom Fatigue Syndrome (who knew we’d have that phrase?!) we will take a break during the session and encourage you to leave the screen, get a drink, a breath of fresh air etc.
  • Please feel free to have snacks and drinks to hand and are comfortable in whatever space you are working in.
  • Please bring a pen and paper, any completed pre course work and the workbook if one was provided.
  • Pre course work and the workbook (if provided), we understand everyone may not be able to print these or have numerous devices open to access them. The point of these in advance is that you can do some thinking in advance of some of the conversations we will have – so really, just a read through and a few notes you can refer to will help you to contribute to and get the most from discussion. If this is not possible do not worry, you will still be able to participant.
  • We do suggest however, that you do what you can to complete any questionnaires which having scoring.
  • Your trainer will establish some guidelines and protocols for the session on the day. Please do let us know if there is anything specific you need from us to ensure you fully engage in training

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you online!