Dogs Trust - Writing for Impact - Pre Course Material

Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to your Writing for Impact course, your trainer Paul Brollo has prepared the below pre course work and course workbook for you to look through before the day.

Pre Course – Dog’s Trust – Writing for Impact – A – Pre-Course Work

Workbook – Dog’s Trust – Writing for Impact – B – Course Workbook

If you have time to complete the PRE-COURSE exercises it will help prepare you for your training session.  However, under the present challenging circumstances we realise many delegates will not have time to do any pre-course work, so do just come along as you are if that works better for you.

Please find below instructions Paul Brollo has written for you, on how to write onto a PDF-File.  We hope these will be useful in helping you write onto your Pre-course documents (these are not available in a Word format).

How to write on a PDF-File

It would be helpful if you have a copy of both documents to hand on the day, either electronically or on paper.

Please also see below the link to my Paul’s latest DSC article on choosing your words carefully called “What’s the Word On … “Snowflake”?”:

It will be good to see you!


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