2021 and beyond!

We’re changing our registered office address

We had already made the decision, at the start of 2020, to leave our current office in Holloway Road at the end of 2020, with a new office and training location in mind in Central London. However, in further adapting to the current pandemic, and primarily due to the fact we don’t know when we will need training rooms for face to face training at the moment, we have decided that all our London office staff will continue working from home until at least the middle of 2021, whilst we decide on our next London office location.

All our courses up to at least April 2021 are taking place online and once government guidelines allow we will look into testing out face to face training once again in central London. We don’t need an office for that. And we really miss seeing all our delegates in person! 😊

Business as usual (well, as usual as 2021 will allow)

You’ll still be able to email us, ring us, post things to us at our Liverpool office address and we will still serve you to the highest DSC standards you have come to know and expect. And of course all our products and services will be available to you as usual.

The only real difference you’ll notice will be our registered office for at least the first half of 2021 will be listed as our Liverpool office (and our Liverpool team will be back working from that office when government guidelines allow in 2021). We also won’t have a London bookshop for visitors, which we’d already closed anyway due to the pandemic.

We are making no changes to our planned activities as a result of this decision. All of our planned publications, online training and events, research activity, in-house training, and Funds Online support will continue – 99% of those using our services will notice no difference in how they access them.

Training – Nice to see you

As you may have seen from our website, all our courses up to April are listed as online on Zoom. If the pandemic situation starts to change for the better and we find we can start testing face to face training again (when government guidelines allow), we’ll look to rent out suitable space in Central London (we don’t need an office to be able to train you lovely people face to face 😊).

Got a booking with us?

Anyone with online training bookings will of course not be affected by any of this – our CS and training teams will still be serving you to the highest of DSC standards.

Contact us

Any questions, give us a shout by emailing us at cs@dsc.org.uk.

Or ring us on 0207 697 4200 – this number will change, so email is the easiest way to contact us and we will respond swiftly as always.