3 Proposal Writing Tips for Beginners!

Katie Rabone shares some tips to help improve your proposal writing!

STOP writing!

Get out from under your desk/laptop and capture stories from the people you help.  A good story can articulate impact in a powerful and succinct way and bring your cause to life.

Remember, you are a professional writer

It may not feel like it when you are juggling fundraising with delivery of frontline services, or dealing with admin and answering the phone. However, recognising this is an important step in carving out quality time to write.  Writing is a recursive process and you need support from colleagues to create the space and time to immerse yourself in all things writing. When and where do you write best?

Understand your audience

Baffled by the plethora of terms to describe the difference your work makes?  You’re not the only one.  Impact, outcomes, outputs, inputs… A good proposal emanates the language of the funder whilst making sure your organisation’s culture, tone of voice and USP is omnipresent in every proposal your write.

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