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5 reasons why The Directory of Grant-Making Trusts should feature on every fundraiser’s bookshelf

Here's why you need a copy of The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2024/25.

Navigating the world of charity fundraising can feel like searching for buried treasure with no X to mark the spot, both incredibly time-consuming and often very frustrating. This is particularly true for those charities working with smaller teams or with limited resources available to them. In the wake of years of disruption for both the world and the sector, these challenges have only intensified. The increasing demand for services and escalating costs are factors complicating the search even more. Yet the importance of fundraising work remains as high as ever.

Investing in a tool such as The Directory of Grant Making Trusts (DGMT) could be a great way to streamline your efforts and make the fundraising process that little bit (or a lot) easier.

Here are 5 reasons why DGMT is a must-have for any fundraiser:

1. Say goodbye to hours of research.

Our team of expert researchers at DSC have spent nearly 2,000 hours meticulously curating details of more than 2,000 grant-making charities, so you don’t have to.

These charities have collectively contributed over £6.9 billion in funding across the UK.

2. It’s all in one place, whenever you need it!

Imagine having an extensive treasure trove of grant-makers at your fingertips, to access whenever you need it. Each entry in the guide offers concise information on eligibility, exclusions, grant totals, previous beneficiaries, contact details, application processes and much more.

3. There is something for everyone.

The latest edition of DGMT includes grant-makers that support a diverse range of causes. From health and education to visual arts and animal welfare, there are over 80 causes supported by the grant-makers in the guide. Over 800 grant-makers also provide funding for general charitable purposes, so it is easy to find a grant-maker that aligns with your mission.

4. It is easy to use.

As well as the concise information, the guide also features comprehensive indexes, dividing the funders by geographical area, field of interest, beneficiary type, supported organisation types and types of grants available. A handy how-to-use section also helps you to get the most out of your copy.

5. Unearthing hidden funders.

DGMT enables you to identify the grant-makers that are most relevant to you. With over 2,000 funders listed, you may uncover a previously undiscovered source of support. Perhaps there’s a local charity you’ve yet to encounter, ready to make a difference. This edition also includes over 120 grant-makers that have never before featured in DGMT.

We know that grant-making organisations play a pivotal role in enabling charities to achieve their goals. Our research demonstrates that despite current challenges, their support remains strong – in fact, there was a £1.3 billion increase in overall grants from the last edition of DGMT. The Directory of Grant Making Trusts could be your guiding compass, providing a much-needed sense of direction in your fundraising journey.

The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2024/25 includes information on more than 2,000 funders, giving at least at least £50,000 per year, totalling around £6.9 billion annually. It includes:

  • Concise information and contact details for every entry
  • Total amounts of funding available from each grant-maker
  • Examples of beneficiaries in each listing, for guidance on the types of project previously funded
  • Extensive indexes divided by geographical area, field of interest and type of beneficiary, and type of grant available
  • Each grant-makers description of project types that can or cannot qualify for funding

Buy your copy of The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2024/25 here now.