5 simple tips to help you get support from companies

Building bridges with companies can be a great source of support for your charity. How do you go about it?

If you are new to getting support from companies, it can seem like a daunting task but if you follow these 5 simple tips you will definitely improve your chances of a positive outcome. Our trainer Panikos Efthimiou has come up with this easy to follow guide…


Aristotle said “Without knowledge there is no happiness”…which means, as a fundraiser, you can never know enough. Make sure you are clear from your research what the current priorities are for the company you are approaching. Also, what added value do you think your organisation is able to offer them regarding areas they are working on. This knowledge should be about developing a mutually beneficial relationship and not about just asking for something.


Never assume external people understand what you do…especially all the jargon we use! Write and speak in plain English and make sure your website (companies often research us as much as we do them) is clear, easy to navigate and up to date with your current work as well as recent achievements. And if you get to meet with a company remember to keep your case for support, and how you can work together, with potential outcomes, simple and easily understood.

Company speak

Just like us companies have their own jargon so don’t let that put you off. Companies describe their work with charities in many ways including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Community Investment (CCI) to name but 2! What does it all mean? Different things to different companies which is why your researched knowledge is so important. This will also help you understand who to contact within a particular company.

Size matters

Companies come in all shapes and sizes. Most are small or medium sized (up to 500 employees) but do not let this deter you as even the smallest companies are interested in supporting their local communities and how charities can make that happen. The opportunities are many. If you spot an opening go for it, making sure you put all the above to good use.

From the horses mouth..direct quote from company

“Charities should never rely on their brand name or size. They should not assume companies know what they do…I am interested in the creativity of organisations, time and thought and the sense that the charity wants to work collaboratively”. Enough said.

Panikos will be running training throughout 2018 at DSC. The ‘How To Develop Corporate Support’ course will help you build bridges with companies and get the their support. Secure your space here