Trustees, Governance

Being a trustee

Andrew Purkis, DSC Trustee, gives you some insight on being a trustee.

Being a trustee may sound legalistic…

…but in reality it is a vital way of making a difference, being positive, and helping society to be the way you want it to be. When you are a trustee you are independent of political parties, Governments or any vested interests: you are free to focus on a cause you care about and promote it wholeheartedly without fear or favour.

And you get close to fellow trustees and others who share your commitment to the cause and may be different to your usual social or family circles. It’s not the only way of contributing to change, but it can be particularly satisfying and energising. It’s a way of being a more complete citizen and living out the values you believe in. If you are in doubt, find a cause you know you believe in passionately, and go for it!


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