How can DSC help you?

We work to create a strong and vibrant voluntary sector

Have you attended one of our practical training courses? Or are you a regular reader of our free top tip blogs? Take a look at what else DSC offer and how we could help your organisation:

 Skills and resources

We offer 300 courses every year covering topics from fundraising and management to finance and marketing. All these courses exist to ensure that you have the right skills to go out there and do the best job you can for your beneficiaries.

We also publish books in an equally diverse range of topics. This is great because it means organisations can have these book on hand whenever they need to dip into them for guidance or if they ever need a refresher.

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Help you get funding

We find out where that money is, what they give it for and who they give it to and we give that information to charities to help you secure funding. We then publish this information in our directories and online databases. In total this comes to £8billion worth of potential funding.

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Keeping you up-to-date

We are always looking ahead. Our policy and research team keep an eye on the latest trends in the voluntary sector including regulation, charity law, trusts and foundations. We then share this information with charities so that they can continue to be versatile and strong.

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