Charity law at Charityfair – get it while it’s hot!

Jay Kennedy gives a sneak peak of his Charityfair session.

Law and regulation can seem a dull topic at the best of times, but it’s really important! Trustees, managers and busy Chief Execs all need to know the rules and regs so they can stay on the right side of the law and get on with the important business of helping people.

But plenty of law and regulation that affects charities has changed recently or will soon – that’s why now is a perfect time to brush up on the latest. This session will take a look at the big picture and then zoom into some detail on key issues. I’m really pleased to be delivering it with my friend and policy brainiac, Andrew O’Brien from Charities Finance Group.

With both the Chief Executive and the Chair of the Charity Commission due to step down this year, what will that mean for the Commission’s future governance, strategy and regulatory approach to charities? Can we say what the new government’s approach to the Commission and charities generally is likely to be? Also, there’s the recent House of Lords report on charities, containing 42 recommendations – many on charity governance – what’s that likely to lead to?

As we zoom in from the macro to the micro, we’ll get into the legal details. What’s the latest with the commencement of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2015? What do new rules around official warnings and disqualifying trustees mean for charities and charity boards? How about the possibility of the Commission charging charities for regulation? We’ll also look at potential changes to the Annual Return, SORP and financial guidance. Things could change in just a few short months, so we’ll endeavour to give you the very latest state of play.

The session will also examine some critical changes from other regulators that affect charities, such as the Fundraising Regulator’s update to the Fundraising Code of Practice, and General Data Protection Guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We’ll finish the session with a Q&A so you can pick our brains about anything else, and we’ll do our best to answer! You should hopefully leave into the sizzling June sunshine, feeling like when it comes to charity law, you’re on fire! (in a good way).  Hope to see you there!

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