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The Amazing Opportunities of Digital Transformation

'Digital Transformation'. Your new best friend.

All this talk about ‘digital transformation’ yet there’s not even agreement on what it actually means. Yet one thing we can all agree on – more and more types of people are using technology across more aspects of their life than ever before. And that means amazing opportunities for charities.

In this short video hear from co-founder of Reason Digital  Matt Howarth on the opportunities that digital transformation presents to charities. Find out how to manage digital transformation in your charity and create a digital game plan at the Charity Digital Conference 2018.  


The Charity Digital Conference will help you navigate your charity’s digital transformation

The Conference includes information to help your charity now and into its digital future, as well as the chance to hear from grant-makers about what they look for in a funding application for digital innovation.

Sessions include:

  • Decentralising digital: building a digital culture in your charity
  • Digital marketing tips and tricks
  • Charity digital transformation tools and techniques
  • How charities can deliver digital products and services