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Engage with the newest and most promising grant-makers

Every year, hundreds of new grant-makers are established. The Guide to New Trusts saves you time and resources by including over 100 new funders. Denise Lillya, Research Manager, explains more.

The Guide to New Trusts 2018/19 contains two types of new indexes, over one 100 new grant-makers and up-to-date information on causes, policies, social media and more, to ensure fundraisers are aware of all the truly exciting opportunities available.

What’s included in the Guide to New Trusts

  • Essential, up-to-date information in every entry
  • Two new types of indexes, making reference more efficient than ever before
  • Details of the causes that these grant-makers do and do not fund
  • Facts about the grant-making charities’ policies, contact details and application guidelines
  • Latest social media information on each charity, where available

Find out more about the Guide to New Trusts here