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Free resources for London-based charities

We have an exciting opportunity for small charities in London coming up!

At DSC, we understand the challenges of being a charity. As we experience difficult times, high demand and strained resources, it becomes much harder to provide services for our beneficiaries.  

We have an exciting opportunity for London-based charities who need support with the ins and outs of running and managing a charity. With the support of City Bridge Foundation, we have a range of free resources available for London-based charities that are least able to access or afford support. Thanks to City Bridge Foundation over the next few months we will offer training courses, events, publication and funding support, all for free!  

If you are a London-based charity and are interested in some free resources, please fill out our short survey (it will take 5 minutes) telling us what resources and support appeal to your charity. If you fill in the survey, you’ll also be the first to know about these free resources. 

Fill out the short survey here.