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Fundraising techniques: Love me tender

What contribution could Elvis make to the tendering process?

Fundraising techniques Vs The King

It’s a long time since Elvis officially “left the building”; though to many he is still “The King”, the number 1. Even those of us who are not ardent fans can recall at least a couple of his most successful songs. However, if you asked 100 of his real fans to list their top ten Elvis hits you could well receive 100 different lists. (And some of them may include more than 10 in their list.)

Each fan would be creating their list based on a variety of things:-

  • Where they were when they first heard the song;
  • who they were with at the time;
  • the words themselves;
  • the way Elvis moved when he sang it;
  • the beat; or
  • just because it was Elvis.

Whatever the reasoning behind each list and regardless of how different it is from other lists each list is right – because it is their list.

There will, no doubt, be a few that appear on most people’s lists Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak Hotel, Way Down, perhaps. But with 21 Number Ones and 139 UK top 40 hits the choices are considerable.

Some of the choices may be controversial. Someone may have a unique selection and include a song that no-one else did.

Are Tenders any different?

Commissioning authorities can be just as unpredictable, random and unique when writing their tender specifications. There are questions and conditions that are on everyone’s list. There are some that are unexpected and occasionally there are some that are unique and perhaps even defy logic. But it’s their list and they can choose what they want. We have the option to join them (and enter the tendering process) or to move on. However, we may have to play their game: Winning tenders can be the difference between a charity continuing to operate or ceasing to exist.

We may need some help.

If writing tenders were based on karaoke perhaps Elvis could have contributed with:

  1. Love me tender
  2. It’s now or never
  3. Return to sender
  4. I can help
  5. Trouble
  6. Promised land
  7. Surrender
  8. Don’t
  9. Tell me why
  10. I just can’t help believing

If we rely on this support we may not be in tune with the commissioning authorities needs.

Winning Tenders at Charityfair

Preparing a list of tips to win tenders can be just as varied as an Elvis top ten; there are so many options and variables 100 people could produce 100 different lists. Why not join me at my workshop Top Ten Tips to Win Tenders at Charityfair on 24 May and find out what’s on my list. I promise not to sing but you may just pick up that 1% advantage you need over your competitors. It could be the difference between winning or losing the tender. Book workshops now from only £35.