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Great Grant Making Series: bereavement support from Pete's Dragon

In our Great Grant Making Series, we celebrate the great work carried out by some of the UK grant-makers featured on our funding websites. This time we're taking a look at the wonderful Pete's Dragons.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably reports that in the UK, suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45. In fact, based on statistics, roughly 17 people take their lives every day across the UK. The effect of such a loss is heart-breaking for families and loved ones, and it is crucial that they receive the care and guidance they need during their time of grief, and afterwards.

Pete’s Dragons is a grant-making charity dedicated to lowering suicide rates and working to ensure that those bereaved by suicide are given all the necessary support and compassion.

Who are they?

In 2010, Pete Wicks took his own life at the age of just 24. After suffering this devastating loss, his older sister Alison Hill set up Pete’s Dragons to help loved ones affected by suicide bereavement. The charity also works with other organisations at a regional and national level to raise awareness, building alliances and having representation in groups that are working together to lower suicide rates.

How can they help you?

The charity currently supports families living in Devon and Cornwall who are bereaved because of suicide. They aim to reach out to families who have lost a loved one within 24 hours of the death, providing emotional, practical and financial support.

Grants are given to purchase items such as washing machines, sofas, beds etc.; although trustees also consider other goods which would be beneficial. The trustees intend grant-making to be flexible so that money is directed to where it will have the biggest impact. In the past, goods purchased include mindfulness sessions, a memorial bench, and home fuel expenses, amongst others.

The charity also offers ‘life-affirming gifts’ via its Hug in a Hamper scheme. Containing gifts for each member of the household, including luxury food items and vouchers for trips, the hamper aims to provide a little TLC and encourage the process of making new and happy memories.

As well as this, Pete’s Dragons provide extensive support services, family fun days, regular eight week Grief Recovery courses, counselling and more.

Fundraising Tip

Pete’s Dragons has a colourful website, with information detailing the kind of support it can provide as well as restrictions on who and what it funds. As always, read through the criteria on the website and get in touch with the charity if you’re unsure at all.


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