Helping you to help others

DSC's Director of Marketing talks about the brand refresh.

Hey hasn’t your logo changed? Isn’t that a new strapline?

Well yes it has, and yes it is, and thanks for asking and thanks for noticing.

So what’s going on? Why?

Well firstly, it’s much more than the logo, that’s just one of the points near the end of the brand refresh process. We’ve looked at the very essence of DSC, what we think we’re good at, what we’re not so good at, what we need to be good at, why we’re here. But enough, we, we, we. We (sorry) also asked you, you, you, our customers – after all, that’s why we’re here.

It’s all about you

We wanted to really refocus on our customers. We think we already do this quite well, and you tell us we do, but we’re sure we can do it even better. We want to better understand your pressures, your ambitions, your worries, your needs, and translate this into ways of working, and products and services that make you stronger, and mean you help more of those you are there for.

Helping you to help others

Charities are at the heart of what we do, the reason we are here. It’s why I work for DSC, and I can say the same for most of my colleagues. We embrace this with our new strapline: Helping you to help others. No matter what kind of stresses are involved on tough days when we’re trying to meet deadlines, we always remember that we are here to serve you and those you help.

So, what’s changing?

Visually our logo, a new strapline, font, images used in our communication, the way we answer the phones, tone of language being more conversational, friendly, less formal. All this cascades from our original thinking, discussion, surveying and debating about who we are and need to be, and translates into fonts, logos, straplines etc that meet this brand personality, and better reflect who DSC is today.

The DSC website, the last piece of the jigsaw

We couldn’t do it all at once – moving office, rebrand, new website – it would‘ve tipped me over the edge personally! And the fact we’re covering off most of the rebrand internally, using my own expertise, our in-house designer and marketing team, meant we have to do things in stages. It’s also much more cost-effective to roll the brand out this way.

The DSC website was the last piece of the jigsaw. We’re sure it’s going to make it easier for you to find the help you need.