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How to approach individual companies for funding?

To be successful at obtaining support from companies in the UK you will need to tailor any approach to individual companies meeting their published criteria and if possible, identifying an associated link with the business.

Gone are the days of company staff writing cheques on receipt of random mailshots from various hopefuls.

Like business itself, charitable giving and support by companies is now a corporate affair, with its own CSR policies, dedicated staff, set criteria, marketing, evaluation and monitoring procedures in order to benefit the company as well as the organisation in receipt.

When operating on a ‘return on investment’ policy, (and they more often than not do), companies require that you convince them that you have something to offer in return for the support you are requesting. To be effective at this you will need to be aware of companies’ individual community and charitable giving practices, for example, what they are looking for when they give, is it a long-term partnership or a short term goal?

You will be much better placed to show what benefits you can give to a company in terms of say, publicising their generosity to your customers (and beyond) if you can be sure you meet their criteria, fit in with their ethics, their reasons for giving and who they have given to in the past. This information is just what you’ll find in DSC’s quality subscription website – the ideal resource for those tackling the often confusing world of company giving in the UK.

What can you expect from

Recently comprehensively reviewed, the website provides a detailed insight into over 550 companies giving in total over £661 million in charitable support/community contributions, (this is based on declared figures and significantly exceeds this amount), to charities and voluntary sector groups across the UK.

Each entry listed includes detailed information about companies that give to organisations like yours and includes:

  • Levels of giving in the UK (where this is declared)
  • Whether the support is in cash or in kind or both
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) information
  • Matched funding
  • Partnerships
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Charity of the Year
  • Recipients of funding already given