How to get involved in this year’s #SmallCharityWeek

Make sure you spread the love for #SmallButMighty charities this Small Charity Week!

What you need to know 

Taking place from 19-23 June, Small Charity Week honours and brings attention to the crucial work carried out by small charities across the UK, which play an irreplaceable role in impacting the lives of millions of individuals, communities, and causes all around the globe. 

This year’s theme  

  • Monday – CELEBRATION DAY. To kick off the week, Monday will be all about celebrating the amazing contribution small charities make to our society and holding live webinars on partnerships, radical governance, people power and centering lived experience. 
  • Tuesday – PEOPLE DAY. This day focuses on kindness, well-being, inclusivity and avoiding burnout. 
  • Wednesday – DISCUSSION DAY. Wednesday will focus on the big issues facing the small charity sector right now, and we’ll talk with funders on how the funding sector can be better for small charities.  
  • Thursday – LEARNING DAY. This day will focus on motivating staff and volunteers, innovation in fundraising and communications and supporting disabled staff and volunteers. 
  • Friday – FUTURE DAY. The focus will be on what the future should look like for small charities and for SCW. 

Learn more here.

How to get involved 

  1. Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to support small charities during Small Charity Week. Contact local charities or search online platforms for volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s assisting with events, administrative tasks, or lending your professional expertise, your contribution can make a significant difference. 
  2. Attend events: There are plenty of free events and webinars up on the Small Charity Week website, including our free Insight Talk, which will reveal new information regarding small charity funding. See the full list of events here. 
  3. Spread the word: Utilise your social media platforms, personal networks, and local community channels to share information about Small Charity Week by using the hashtag #SmallCharityWeek and tagging them on Twitter. Help raise awareness by sharing your stories, campaigns, and volunteer opportunities, encouraging others to get involved. Check out the Small Charity Week website here to find comms resources.
  4. Collaborate: Consider partnering with small charities during Small Charity Week. Whether you represent a business, organisation, or community group, explore ways to collaborate and provide support. This could include sponsoring an event, offering resources or expertise, or organising joint initiatives.  

We love #SmallCharityWeek here at DSC. So much energy and time goes into running a small charity, and they make so much difference to the world we live in. We must do everything we can to support them, especially under the current climate. If you yourself work for a small charity, we can offer you lots of vital support in different shapes and forms, take a look here.