Leadership for Leaders case study: Advice Lewisham

Leadership for Leaders looks at what it means to be a leader and allows you to explore how you can be the best possible leader. Here's what a client said about the impact of the training.

In August 2015, Heather Brierley Staunton delivered a 3 day Leadership for Leaders course for Advice Lewisham, a group of different advice organisations working together in the Lewisham area.

The course is designed to explore leadership by starting with a look at yourself as a leader and building your self awareness and knowledge. The next level looks at your interactions with other people and how you can get the best from relationships within your leadership position. And then the final level explore leadership from a systems perspective which essentially looks at your leadership not only within the organisation but the external world and all of the connections within it.

Course leaders are both trainers and coaches which allows us to use these techniques to help people explore their leadership at a deeper level.

Here’s what Advice Lewisham said about the course:

advice lewisham

What attracted you to the training / programme in the first place?

‘I’d been looking for Leadership training and could not find anything else in the not for profit sector that addressed the “being” of Leadership which, as a Coach, I felt was fundamental.  I saw this course and it stood out – it was just what I was looking for.  When I raised it at the Advice Lewisham steering group there was an immediate positive response and a recognition that this was exactly what we needed.’

Carole Adams, former Co-CEO at Lewisham CAB

‘We wanted to buy some in house leadership training for the group and Carole found the details of this session. I liked the fact that it sounded like something a bit different and it sounded like a great chance for us to develop our leadership skills and also to help learn more about each other and develop the relationships we already have as a group.’

Kathleen Wade, Advice Lewisham Co-Ordinator


How did you find the training?

‘The training was comprehensive, well-paced and very enjoyable.  It allowed us to explore our values, strengths and style of leadership.  Additionally it brought in valuable new information, ideas and resources.  This helped provide context and the raw material for further development.’

Carole Adams, former Co-CEO at Lewisham CAB

‘I loved it. I loved the fact that it used coaching techniques and found the exercises really helpful. Things helped me understand why I act like I do in certain situations. I particularly loved the one on values and I still think now about how I react in certain situations is affected by my core beliefs and values.’

Kathleen Wade, Advice Lewisham Co-Ordinator

‘Trainer was welcoming and skilled at involving the whole group in activities in a relaxing and stimulating environment’

‘Course well presented. Excellent provision. Excellent material. Have learnt a great deal from the course which I will work on to develop my long terms goals’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The trainer was excellent with interesting presentation style keeping me engaged. Really knows her stuff!’

‘Excellent course, made me stretch my mind’


How has the training impacted and benefited you, your organisation and the partnership?

On a personal level it made me start seeing myself as a Leader and made me more confident in that identity and talking about the concept of Leadership.’ Carole Adams, former Co-CEO at Lewisham CAB

I think the training really helped us to bond even more as a group and enabled us to learn more about each other. I have also noticed changes in the partners who attended such as more confidence. Kathleen Wade, Advice Lewisham Co-Ordinator



So how can you get some of this leadership development?

Well, book your space for the next Leadership for Leaders training event on 16th – 18th May and get 15% off your booking by entering LFL16 at checkout.  Click here to book your space now.
Please note that the offer is only valid on this training date.

Alternatively, if there are several of you who would like the training we can come and deliver it on an in-house basis for your organisation. Please contact Heather Brierley Staunton on 0207 697 4291 hbrierley@dsc.org.uk or our In-House team on 0207 697 4290 inhouse@dsc.org.uk