A new telecoms pathway for telecoms

With austerity hitting funding, more than ever, charities need to be more resourceful, more creative and more innovative in how they drive their income streams.

As a telecoms partner to the charity sector, 1823 Group encourages our customers to think like a business and, more importantly, run their organisations like businesses.  This means looking at cost savings and generating multiple revenue streams. We enable charities to budget, often like never before, and ensure they have the income to thrive and deliver their vision.

Innovating in the sector

As a challenger brand, the 1823 Group was founded with the sole purpose of driving funds back into charitable communities.  Co-founder Gareth Hardy had seen the rugby club he’d play for collapse due to poor funding.  Wanting to give back and remove charitable organisations’ dependency on ad hoc, short-term fundraising or sole sponsorship, he launched the 1823 Group.  His concept of an ethical, profit-sharing business model is unique in the telecoms industry and designed to drive sustainable, regular income for organisations.

Or innovative platform helps you in a number of ways. As a starting point, our customers benefit simply by working with us.  Because we deduct 50% NET profit at source, you realise immediate cost savings on your own telecoms bills, therefore reducing your outgoings. We’ve developed a disruptive model which means you can take these benefits further.  By leveraging your donor networks and opening up the 1823 model to them, existing supporting companies can give more – 50% of the profit realised from their telecoms contract is reinvested directly back into your charity.

This is a mutually beneficial way of not only creating an additional funding stream, but strengthening relationships within your donor network, helping your donors to build a rewarding CSR strategy.

Creating a sustainable community

The 1823 group is utterly immersed in the charity space. Our understanding of the sector also means we can facilitate long-lasting relationships on your behalf.  Our visibility across the sector means we can recommend appropriate charities for customers looking to give back and forge meaningful, relevant and impactful partnerships.

We were delighted to do this for the School of Hard Knocks, the social inclusion charity that uses sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, crime and health. We recommended a strategic partnership with our customer, specialist security firm, Cerastes. As this niche business has grown, so has the amount they can give back to the School of Hard Knocks.  The benefit to the charity grows with the business as Cerastes develops its tangible CSR policy, supporting an organisation they have a genuine empathy with and vested interest in.

This is just one example of how we can collaboratively build an eco-system of goodwill, generating new supporters for your charity while simultaneously opening up access to new funding streams.

The future of telecoms

At 1823, we provide a promise, not a service. Yes, we’ve innovated a new model of telecoms partner to foster sustainable, regular income streams for charities.  This has been shaped around our understanding of the sector. Our vision goes so much further. Customer care isn’t a department for 1823 – it’s an ethos. Because giving back is within our DNA, our customers have to come first and we’ve invested heavily in your customer experience. We understand the space so we can adapt our offer to be flexible around your charity’s evolving needs, supporting shifting staff and volunteer requirements. Our individual account managers can also free your team up to do what they do best: supporting your audience.

We believe that through collaboration and partnership there’s the opportunity to build something new. We’re building a community of charities and business to transform the way we think about charity funding and how we invest our profit. We’re nurturing a more sustainable way for charities to think about their sustainability and long-term vision too.  Through our proven model, we hope to create real change as part of a rising tide movement. We’d love you to be part of this.

For more information http://www.1823group.com/