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Almost three-quarters of large charities pay women less than men

The average median pay gap in the voluntary sector is 5.4% but PDSA and Marie Stopes have gaps above 35%, according to the Guardian. Guardian analysis shows that:

  • 92 of the largest charities had a gap favouring men, 20 had a gap favouring women, and nine of these pay gaps were less than 1%.
  • 15 organisations had pay gaps above the national average, and three were in excess of 30%.
  • The biggest pay gap was the animal charity, PDSA, where its 44.3% median gap means that women only earn 56p for every £1 that men do, even though its workforce is 85% female.
  • Among health and social care charities the average median pay gap was 5.1%.
  • Marie Stopes International declared a gap of 36.8% in favour of men, despite women comprising two-thirds of the senior leadership.

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