Don't be afraid of the blank page when it comes to report writing

Let's strip away the stress and confusion.

Where do I begin, when it comes to report writing?

So you want change the world, right? Well, perhaps not all of it – not yet, anyway – but certainly the part that touches you the most.

Your heart’s in the right place, that’s for sure, but can you put your passion and commitment down on paper in a format that corporate decision-makers can understand? After all, they do run the world that you’re trying to change, and if you can’t get them on your side, then your passion can quickly turn into frustration, or something even worse. Luckily for you – and for the people whose lives you’re changing – you can learn to write powerful reports without making as much effort as you think.

At DSC, we know exactly how to develop your writing skills without making you feel like you’re stuck in the remedial class. Our relaxed, fun, and practical Report Writing Made Easy course will show you how to focus on what you want out of the report, and then pull your argument together, and put it all into a professional-looking structure without changing who you are along the way. After all, we want you to stay the sweet, caring soul you’ve always been, so why not come on down to DSC, and let us transform your writing skills without you even noticing?

What will I gain from this course?

For those of you who find yourself writing reports, white papers of any other informative document regularly you’ll know that starting from scratch doesn’t always come easy.

We’ll take you through all the key elements of report writing including; thinking about the audience’s needs, creating the right style and tone as well as identifying the Systematic Approach to report writing. This will take you from being hesitant and unsure about report writing, to diving in head-first when you are faced with the blank page, or even the blank screen. Report writing no longer needs to be a scary prospect. Armed with all these new skills you won’t feel so daunted when faced with this challenge.

We’ll also include the book Speed Read: Report Writing so you’ll have all the essentials to take away.

Find out more information and book a place on our Report Writing Made Easy course on 10 November now.