Like many of you, our staff at DSC have been working remotely since the end of March, but from Tuesday next week we’ll be returning to our London and Liverpool offices.

We’ve worked through all of the things we can think of, minimised the risk to our staff as far as we possibly can, and consulted with staff throughout what has now been about a 2 month planning phase.

We’ve looked at the needs of DSC as an organisation, the best way to organise ourselves for the people and charities that rely on our services, the logistical challenges, and of course our staff requirements, and come up with a plan that we’re confident will work for us.

The key things we’re doing are:

  • Maintaining a 4 day week, with staff either working Mon-Thu or Tue-Fri
  • Opening both offices Tue-Thu, with all staff working Mondays or Fridays working from home
  • Splitting staff into three bubbles
  • Allocating each bubble to either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday so that all staff are working one day per week in the office
  • Issuing all staff with a sanitation pack so that they can protect themselves and look after their own workspace and equipment

There’s a lot more than that of course, and you can view and download our full plan here.

We can’t guarantee it will work for you, but hopefully it will give you some ideas or tips that might be useful in your own planning.

One of the key things that has made these extraordinary times easier to manage, is having solid organisational procedures to rely on and refer to. You’ll see some references to them in the back to work plan, but if you need some help with wider policies and procedures, we’ve got just the thing here.