Personal development

The benefits of keeping things in-house

There are lots of reasons to choose In-House training and here are the ones that we hear the most often from the charities that we support.

Great training can be transformational. At DSC, we receive feedback all the time from people who have attended our training courses, who then implement their learning, new ideas, tools and strategies and make a huge difference to both themselves, their peers and their whole organisation when they returned to work. 

Training and developing individuals to be their best isn’t the only approach available. 

Training a team or whole organisation together means we can support you to work on your priorities together, whether the office is at home or in a central location.  

There are lots of reasons to choose In House training and here are the ones that we hear the most often from the charities that we support. 

1. “It’s tailored to what we really need” 

With our in-house service, you can select from a huge range of skill and topic areas to build a training course or programme that fits exactly what you need. Whatever the balance of new skills and enhancement of current ones or facilitated discussion and team working, we work with you to create a learning experience that does exactly what you need it to. 

If the content of any of our public courses is a good fit then you can buy them “off the shelf” – ideal for umbrella or network organisations.

2. “We learn and grow together”

Going on training courses can be an amazing experience (especially DSC courses!), however it can sometimes be challenging to get back to work, filled with enthusiasm, new ideas and perhaps a new way of looking at the world that your colleagues just aren’t seeing because they weren’t there with you. The collective experience of learning as a whole team or group of colleagues can be transformational for leadership teams, boards of trustees, fundraising teams, management teams and any other groups within your organisation that have shared goals. 

3. “It’s the most cost effective way to support our team” 

Learning and development budgets can be the hardest to defend, however, if you have four or more members of staff who need development, the in-house option can be the most cost effective solution as a group rate can reduce the cost per person. 

Our Training consultants can deliver the courses online or in person at your preferred location. We also deliver at pretty much any time of the day or night, so if weekends or evenings are most convenient (especially for trustees and other volunteers), that’s no problem! 

4. “We can address challenges confidentially” 

Conversations about leadership challenges, financial issues, or potential areas of development and change are topics which benefit from a quality and confidential conversation. Our trainers and facilitators can provide a safe and open space for the most confidential and strategic discussions to take place. 

5. “It can have a long term impact” 

When in-house training is tailored, designed and costed just for you, it is easy to build a long term Learning and Development Plan. Multiple training days can be scheduled over a period of weeks or months and give progressive support as staff grow, develop, implement and embed what they have learned into their work.  

While we can bring all and any of our public courses to you, some topics lend themselves really well to the In House training option: 

  • Board and Leadership Development days 
  • Business and Strategic Planning days 
  • Organisational Away Days 
  • Governance 
  • Management and Leadership Skills  
  • Finance 
  • Project Management 
  • Fundraising 
  • Time and Productivity Management 
  • Bespoke research work 

Our in-house consultancy, coaching and mentoring services can also add tremendous value to your development plans.  

Whether you have a small group or whole team in need of some developmental support, or hundreds of volunteers to train on new ways of working, give our In-House team a call, and they will be able to advise you as to the best options to acquire what you need for your organisation. 

Contact the DSC In-House team on 020 426 5995 or email to discuss your requirements.