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The importance of legacy strategy

Ahead of his upcoming training courses (How to Develop Great Legacy Communications, Developing a Great Legacy Strategy), Richard explains the importance of being up to date with legacy fundraising.

Legacies are the fastest growing source of funds. 

Supporters of charities are giving the same amount in donations as they did ten years ago but legacies have increased from £1.7 billion to £3 billion in ten years, and some of the fastest growing causes are smaller charities, and “less popular” causes.

Here are a few misconceptions about legacies:

1. Legacies are only for big charities

Local causes, niche charities and smaller charities that are giving amazing service to users are growing very fast in legacy income. Almost 1,000 more charities are getting legacies than ten years ago.

2. You have to be wealthy to leave a legacy

A person leaving a legacy has some assets but rarely a fortune. A typical legacy is worth around £380,000 at death – they just want to thank you or say “Please continue your awesome work.”

3. You have to spend a fortune on an uncertain source of income

A huge amount can be done promoting legacy giving without any cost at all.


Upcoming training courses

All our legacy courses are focused on minimum risk/investment but the returns you get are huge. At this time, government funding and funding from companies and trusts are uncertain. If you are relying on contract income, or want to increase the long-term financial security of your charity, then enrol on one of my training courses below. Miracles can and do happen!

How to Develop Great Legacy Communications (15 October)

For new legacy fundraisers, this course will help you develop great legacy communications for every channel you are likely to use.

Developing a Great Legacy Strategy (15 October)

For fundraisers with 6 months + experience, this course will focus on setting objectives for communicating legacies to all prospects.