Top 10 tips for improving your Charity Direct Mail Marketing

Improve your charity marketing and take your charity a step further, reaching wider audiences to support your cause

1.- Get to know your audience

The more you can demonstrate that you understand what matters most to your target audience, the more relevant your communication will be.

2.- Use simple, direct and everyday language

No one likes jargon and abbreviations that they don’t understand – so write in a language most people can understand.

3.- State your proposition boldly and clearly

Never start with an apology!  Be warm and friendly, but also assertive and confident.  You are a charity – asking for money is what you do!

4.- Feature real, identifiable cases and people

This will make your message much stronger and enable the audience to relate to the cause more easily.

5.- Communicate the need

What does this matter?  Why should I care?

6.- State what the reader’s support will enable you to achieve

What difference can I make?  If I give £20 what could you buy with this?  If people don’t feel that an amount they can afford will make a positive difference they will be less inclined to give.

7.- State how the reader may benefit

Trying to make greater use of the word ‘YOU’ helps focus the mind on what the potential supporter gets out the relationship.

8.- Don’t try to be too clever!

The most effective messages are usually simple and straightforward.

9.- Demonstrate clarity, brevity and clear focus

This help to instill trust that donations will be spent wisely, rather than wasted on frills and fads.

10.- Provide a clear course of action

Signposting and directing increases response rates and amounts given.  Providing a choice of 3 or 4 amounts to give with ‘Other Amount’ last is more effective than ‘Please give as much as you can afford’.

Nick Day will be speaking on direct mail – fundraising do’s and don’ts at Charityfair London, on Wednesday 25 May 2016.