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Top 6 charity marketing manager tips

Justin Martin shares his six top tips on the role of charity marketing manager.

Some of these marketing manager tips will be down to preference and what works best for you, the reader.

Always edit down

My old boss passed this one to me and it’s something I absolutely swear by when writing, editing, proofing material from my team.

When proofing written items, print them off and take yourself away from your desk

Even if it’s an email you are proofing, I find it works well for me when I have something on paper in front of me.

Look one more time

When you think something is ready to go, a brochure to print, an email to send out – just take a final step back for 5 minutes.

Google Analytics is king!

I love it! This tool tells you so much about how effective your activities are, so if you try things that don’t prove successful you can re-divert resources elsewhere. We’ve recently started delving into Facebook advertising and analytics tells us exactly how many new people we are reaching as a result. Analytics also helps me connect my team to the DSC strategy of reaching more people – they can see the direct results of their work.

Build a good relationship with your website developer

Getting people to our website is a vital element of my work, so being able to develop and manipulate the website to do as we need is key. Having that relationship with your website developer is a must if you want to keep your website looking fresh.

Use case studies/examples/testimonials to tell your audience the story

Sounds like a simple thing to say, but we did this with our previous funding websites.

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