Top tips on campaign planning for successful fundraising

Top tips on how to do marketing

Following the RABOSTIC model for planning will help ensure your campaign is the success you want it to be…

Research is the phase that is often missed, but if you don’t check back at what you’ve done before, look at what others are doing and what’s happening in the wider marketplace, then you might not identify all the threats and opportunities.

Audience understanding is vital to success. Rather than trying to please everyone, focus on those who really matter!

Budget appropriately. Consider what communication channels are best at reaching your target audience and work out realistic costs for each.

Objectives are essential to be able to measure your results and help you focus your campaign.

Strategy helps you work out the best way to achieve your objectives and should include consideration of who, why, what, how, where and when.

Tactics enable you to convert your strategy into components that should all fit together and deliver a consistent campaign.

Implementation requires scheduling all the campaign enablers such as data providers, designers, mailing houses and response handlers.

Control what is going on. Campaigns rarely run without a hiccup so careful management of all the suppliers and contributors will enable you to adjust accordingly.