We’re still working hard to get politicians to take action

Ahead of the Chancellor’s update to Parliament a few weeks ago, DSC and our partners in the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign promoted a Five Point Plan to provide urgent and much needed support for charities during the pandemic and beyond. This Plan will form the basis for the campaign’s actions over coming weeks and months – including our submission to a recent House of Lords enquiry on public services.

DSC also joined others from the campaign in a letter last week to Danny Kruger MP as our response to his review of civil society in the pandemic which the Prime Minister commissioned. There’s still (just) time to send your own submissions to danny.kruger.mp@parliament.uk – but don’t delay, he’s due to report back on Friday…

Finally, DSC has written to the Chair of the DCMS Select Committee, Julian Knight MP, to ask that the committee investigate the serious delays and lack of transparency around the government’s £750m ‘emergency’ funding package for charities – specifically the cash earmarked for small charities through the National Lottery Community Fund. And we’re still waiting for a response from the NLCF to our freedom of information request about this. We’ll keep you posted about any responses when they arrive!