What does leadership mean to you?

Ahead of the Charity Leaders' Summit on 31 March, we asked our charity leaders - who will be speaking at the event - what leadership means to them.

Here are the responses we’ve received so far but don’t forget to check back for updates.


Vivienne Hayes

Chief Executive, Women’s Resource Centre

“Leading a women’s organisation committed to improving women’s rights, leadership is a responsibility and a privilege. Checking how and when I use my relative position of power and authority is a daily must. It’s easy to forget that power dynamic and get sucked into emulating the behaviours and structural imbalances we as women’s organisations were established to dismantle.”

SiobhanSiobhan Corria

Head of Inclusion, Action for Children

“Leadership is about being yourself and taking people with you because people feel your passion.”


NeilNeil Heslop

Chief Executive, Leonard Cheshire

“After twenty five years in business and the last seven in charities, I’ve seen and worked for some great leaders. For me, the purpose of leadership is to create the environment in which individuals, teams and the organisation perform and behave as you wish without your presence. Leaders’ shadows are deeper and wider than they recognise and are the product of competence, values and behaviours. It works best professionally and personally when all three are in balance. Being confident in your strategy, communication, financial and people competence gets you to first base. Second base needs your inner values and that of the organisation to align. But it is only when your behaviour sets clear expectations, gives others autonomy, you support staff when it gets tough, and when transparent accountability is everywhere, that great things happen.”

Claire Warner

Founder, Charity Well Research

“To me, good leadership means leading by example, acting with integrity, making necessary tough decisions, allowing and encouraging your people to shine bright, and giving them the space to make mistakes on the path to awesomeness.”

Graeme Reekie

Director, Wren and Greyhound Limited

“I’m writing this in a room full of volunteer youth leaders. Inspiring quotes and slogans from big personalities line the walls. Really, the inspiration is in these people. They share their time and skills to help others. They are reluctant to call themselves leaders. But they show up – leaders follow through and bringing visions to life. They stand up – leaders experience doubt, but their convictions give them courage. And they step aside – leaders leave space for others to step in.”

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