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What is digital transformation?

...and why should charities be aware of it?

We used to have Blockbuster video – then Netflix happened. AirBnB is now the world’s largest provider of rooms without owning a single hotel. Why is it that large, successful organisations are repeatedly being disrupted – and even destroyed – by a torrent of new websites and apps?

The reason is a “digital transformation” of our society

This digital transformation is largely due to the population adopting smartphones, social media and super-fast broadband. It’s a societal shift, and unless organisations react to that shift then they will find themselves out of sync with their customers, service users and supporters.

Many charities are waking up to the significance of this change for them as they find themselves in a world where some the biggest fundraising campaigns in history are sparked off by individuals on social media, where support is being provided at huge scale and little cost online by individuals or even artificial intelligence, and where a teenager with an app can make as much impact as a 200 year old national organisation.

It’s challenging the way organisations think about providing their services, capturing support, and even how they’re structured.

Want to find out how your charity can keep up with digital change?

Our one-day Charity Digital Conference, in partnership with DSC, will feature a series of sessions designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to take your charity into a digital future.