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What to look out for at this year's Charity Accountants' Conference

Being an accountant is more than being a technician.

Judith Miller, partner at Sayer Vincent, gives us a rundown on what we should be looking out for at this year’s conference on 21-22 September, as well as sharing why she loves to speak at this event in particular:

Fantastic speakers

Vicky Browning – CEO of ACEVO, will be speaking on the role of finance staff in meeting the challenges of the charity sector.

Nigel Davies – Head of Accountancy Services at the Charity Commission, will speak on the view from the Charity Commission.

We have a new stream, plus all the favourites!

This year we are being partnered by the lawyers at VWV, and we have a whole stream of legal and governance training on both days. We also have streams on financial management, tax (you can get all your tax updates in one day!), financial management, risk and personal development.

Why does Judith Miller enjoy speaking at The Charity Accountants’ Conference?

Being an accountant is more than being a technician. Numbers are a means to an end and a good finance professional is an enabler and an interpreter of numbers. This is an opportunity to speak to different people and get a better understanding of the issues people are facing.

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