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Grants for Good Campaign

The campaign to promote government grants for charities and voluntary groups

Read the latest research 

DSC has published unique research on grant-making by local authorities, revealing that they make in the region of £600m in grants to the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector annually. Read the report, including key findings and critical recommendations, here.

What’s the problem? 

Grant funding can empower charities and voluntary groups to identify, solve problems and address needs in a way which is centred around people. However, this vital resource has been under pressure over recent decades because of cuts to local authority budgets and the drive to use contracts when commissioning services.

What needs to happen? 

We maintain that grants have many advantages and can deliver better outcomes for people and communities – especially when supporting smaller charities and community groups. Follow the links in the image below to read about the many advantages of grant funding.  


How can I learn more? 

See the information in the menu above or contact us at research@dsc.org.uk