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You can reverse the downward trend of grant-making and help promote this vital source of charity funding. Here's how...



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Have you got a good grant? Has a grant has benefited your charity and service users? Have you ever been hoping for a grant but you got a contract instead? Have you made a grant to another organisation that’s doing great work? or did your grant not turn out as you had hoped? We’d love to hear.

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familiar4 (1)Watch out for our #GrantsSummit

Did you miss our #GrantsSummit? Don’t worry, watch this space to find out about the next summit coming soon near you.

What is a #GrantsSummit? It’s an opportunity for people who work (or have worked) with grants to come together and discuss their experiences with a view to helping build an evidence bases of solid case studies for the campaign. Our first summit was a great success, involving fourteen different organisations and has put this campaign off to a great start.